About Us

Parramatta Mission and Thread Harvest have partnered to create ReInspired Threads

ReInspired Threads brings you high quality, second hand clothing at a fraction of the price. These clothes are sourced from schools, churches, clubs and associations and delivered to our warehouse in Parramatta where the clothing is sorted and sent for washing. Once washed, these fresh, clean threads are uploaded to our online store. 

When you purchase from ReInspired Threads a portion of the profits go back to Parramatta Mission and the important work they do in providing meals, essentials, accommodation and welfare assistance to people in need.


Who are Parramatta Mission? 

Parramatta Mission are a not for profit organisation, founded by the local congregations of the Uniting Church, with the aim of assisting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community, to assist them in transforming their lives. These include people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, facing crisis and people living with mental illness.

Our Meals Plus service provides breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday as well as access to food parcels and everyday essentials, shower and laundry facilities. We also provide a space for welfare and support services to assist people with their immediate and long term needs in relation to safe and secure housing, access to government services, health services and other vital supports.

ReInspired Threads is an exciting partnership for Parramatta Mission. It not only assists us in raising much needed funds for our services, like Meals Plus, it also has a positive effect on our environment – recycling items that may otherwise go to landfill.

When you donate or purchase items from our site you become part of our Community Transforming Lives.

If you would like to learn more about the work of Parramatta Mission, or make a donation to support their vital services please visit www.parramattamission.org.au


Who are Thread Harvest?

Thread Harvest began in 2014 by a couple of friends who saw a need within the emerging ethical fashion market for ethical consumers to be able to shop all their favourite brands in one convenient location.

But there was a problem, aside from the fact this platform didn’t exist, they kept getting asked what they meant by ethical fashion. It became clear that there wasn’t just a need to provide access to great ethical fashion brands but there was a need to clearly communicate what ethical fashion was and why it mattered. So, after much research and brainstorming, the Impact Badges were created and Thread Harvest was birthed.

Since 2014, Thread Harvest has grown to be a trusted platform that uses the Impact Badges to act as standards for the brands we stock and education for the online retail consumer. But we’ve taken it one step further and enabled you, the awesome ethical champion that you are, to truly engage in the Impact process by shopping what matters to you.

Branching out into Second Hand clothing was a natural fit for all the Thread Harvest stands for and we’re excited to partner with Parramatta Mission to bring yet another way to shop ethically and sustainably while still looking good and feeling good.


How it works?

the ReInspired Threads Process

ReInspired Threads has also partnered with Avenue Co-Working and Northcott Disability Services to bring you amazing second hand clothes.

The process is pretty simple:

  1. Clothes are collected through our network of Collection Partners. 
  2. Once delivered to Avenue, they sort the clothes and batch them up to send to Northcott.
  3. Northcott wash the clothes, dry them and send them back to Avenue.
  4. Avenue tag each product ready for shooting.
  5. Thread Harvest shoots the product and uploads it to the website.
  6. When you make a purchase, the profits are shared with Parramatta Mission to assist them in continuing to support people experiencing homelessness. 

If you would like to become a Collection Partner, Click Here >


What’s the Impact?

By purchasing from ReInspired Threads, you are having the following impact:

  • Saving the environment by reducing the amount of textile waste going to landfill. Just donating a kilo of second hand clothing equals 6,000 litres of water saved!
  • Provides simulated work experience program for people with a disability. Our fulfilment Partner and Laundry Partner both provide meaningful skill development training to build their Independent skills for everyday life.
  • Provide daily fresh, hot meals for people experiencing homelessness through Parramatta Mission’s Meals Plus program.

Not to mention you get to refresh your wardrobe with great clothing without the high price tag!