Queenwood School for Girls

For over 90 years, Queenwood has been committed to the education and formation of girls and young women. The founders built a school in which each girl was encouraged to contribute in thought, word and deed: responding to the vulnerable and marginalised with respect and compassion; speaking out with courage; and taking action in their service. We are delighted to continue a long tradition of Service by partnering with inspirational organisation Reinspired Threads. Queenwood arranged a mufti day and students donated a quality piece of pre-loved clothing to be sold online by Reinspired Threads. We gathered around 500 items of clothing and are proud that these donations will reduce the amount of clothing sent to landfill, provide employment to some of the more marginalised members of our society and create revenue for Parramatta Mission to fund social justice programmes. Together we can raise young people of integrity motivated to be a force for good in the world.